Our most respected partners

MSPP (Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population) Visiter ce partenaire

The MSPP is the supreme governing body of the Haitian health system is our fundamental partner as an institution involved in the care system in Haiti. In terms of direct support to our center, the MSPP provides the necessary vaccines for our free vaccination program (PEV).

 mathMATH (Medical Aid to HaitiVisiter ce partenaire

Is our main partner in terms of cooperation and financial support. Our operating budget is 85% financed by MATH. Thanks to this excellent cooperation that came into being in October 2014, our various interventions in places where populations face different barriers.

mfkMFK (Meds & Food for kids) Visiter ce partenaire

Is our newest partner. Thanks to this cooperation with our center, it has been possible to maintain its nutritional recovery program for children affected by malnutrition. MFK supplies us with nutritious food to fight malnutrition. Several dozen children were able to be drawn from the clutches of malnutrition to resume a normal nutrition curve.

othOTH (Outreach To HaitiVisiter ce partenaire

Is the partner that allows us to extend our support for children threatened by malnutrition or under nutrition. Our nutritional support program allows parents of these beneficiary children to receive regular food rations to help these families cope with the malnutrition of these children.