Le Centre Médico-Chirurgical du Quartier (CMCQ) is a private health organization whose operations began in 2013 in a context of difficulty and inaccessibility of health care in the metropolitan area following the devastating earthquake January 12 2010. This non-profit institution is set up by a young philanthropist named Wilkens Gilbert, who has been supported in his works by patrons who support the cause of the population’s defense in terms of health .

Mission of the organization

Health is a right and not a privilege. The main mission of the CMCQ is to work to help people to care for themselves, to fight against certain diseases and to recover their health, which is a fundamental right.


CMCQ Is a Haitian Society whose vision is to make health care available and accessible to all.


Le Centre Medico-Chirurgical du Quartier (CMCQ) focuses on:
• Ensure the promotion of health through the participation of the populations concerned.
• Continually provide quality health care to anyone with a primary or specialized health care need.
• Ensure full immunization coverage for all children aged 0 to 5 years attending its intervention sites.


CMCQ aims to work daily to influence the country’s health indicators, by participating in prevention, by caring for the sick, and by making health promotion a reality in community life, in order to reduce the vulnerability of Populations.