The Pediatric department offers specialized care of the child in order to accompany the parents for a harmonious development of the child, enabling him to avoid morbid situations and, if necessary, recover from the pathological conditions.

This service covers several different programs all contributing to the well-being of children:

A) Vaccination Program: Through its partnership with the MSPP, the CMCQ Pediatric Service offers the Expanded Vaccination Program (PEV), which provides free vaccination according to the standards of the regulatory body. Parents who wish to do so can extend their children’s immunization coverage to ensure maximum protection against immunocompromised diseases.

B) Pediatric Consultation: Under the leadership of Dr. Sherly Pateau, the Pediatric Service provides specialized and outpatient care for pediatric patients.

C) Management of malnutrition: The pediatric department of the CMCQ ensures the management of the malnutrition in the children struck by this scourge. Cases of severe malnutrition without complications are detected and recorded in our program  (ambulatory program of malnutrition) which helps these children to go up the dangerous slope of the malnutrition to an integrated management (Deworming, antibiotherapy and enriched feeding) . These children are monitored regularly until they are fully recovered from a nutritional point of view. Cases of moderate or mild malnutrition are recorded in our PNS (Nutrition Stabilization Program) program. through the PNS, parents benefit from regular food rations enabling them to ensure an adequate supply to their children, thus avoiding the regression of these children towards severe malnutrition.